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Helping you work your chocolate magic.


I provide consulting and implementation services for the chocolate and culinary world, drawing on my 10 years of experience running the original Chocolate Tours businesses that I created across the US; my years of business mentoring, coaching, and networking; and my lifelong study of chocolate.


I can help you with your needs such as the following: 


  • product and brand development

  • ingredient sourcing 

  • supply chain optimization

  • distribution strategy and implementation

  • marketing and promotion, including brokering

  • customer loyalty program

  • employee training and motivation

  • growth strategies

  • opening new locations

  • blog ghost-writing

  • what else is not getting done, that needs to get done?


Consulting fees: $2,000/month, or a flat rate for your project, negotiable.


Contact me at; I look forward to helping!






If you're looking for quality fair trade or direct trade baking chocolate, cocoa beans, or other chocolate products, I've got exciting sources for you in Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Haiti, and beyond. Origin trips available.


Contact me at with your needs, and I look forward to sourcing the right items for you.





Do you represent a cacao growing nation, interested in promoting your cocoa beans or chocolate, and increasing investment and tourism?


Let's talk!


And, click for a blog post on my trip to Ecuador on a consulting project to promote Ecuadorian cacao.



If you are a chocolate maker or chocolatier, contact me about getting your products into the right retailers. I work with a select portfolio of brands that meet my 5 Ss of first-class craft chocolate:

  • slavery-free

  • soy-free and industrial additive-free

  • sustainable

  • small-batch and 

  • scrumptious!

Commission is usually 15% and includes ongoing services such as merchandising and social media support.

If you are a retailer, contact me about selecting the right bean-to-bar chocolate and confections for your shelves, to fit your brand and clientele. Private label options also available. 


Click for details!

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